Welcome to the Toddler Room!

Our Toddler’s Room caters for children between 15 months to 2 years of age. The children are educated and cared for by experienced and qualified educators in a caring and nurturing Christian environment.

Each child is supported to develop at their own pace while being offered many varying play based experiences which challenge and engage the children, leading to meaningful learning opportunities. The program is underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework and promotes experiences based on the interests of the children; this enhances children’s learning and provides each child with a real sense of belonging and wellbeing.

The children in the Toddler's room are very active participants in their own learning.  You will find them exploring language, social skills and emotions through our fun, loving and intriguing environments. 

The children are provided many opportunities to engage in gross motor and fine motor activities to further develop their current skills.  Some examples of these experiences are a range of art activities utilising a variety of tools (brushes, sponges, hands), climbing, balancing, dancing and group games. This age group has a huge interest in all things sensory.

Our program includes a daily bible time where your child will begin to hear about God’s love for us through songs, rhymes and bible stories.  Through spending some time reading our bible stories and singing songs about God, we are embedding the love of God in their lives, even at this early stage.

The children enjoy time in both our indoor and outdoor environments; we have an inviting playground which is set up to challenge and engage the children each day with a focus on current interests and the natural environment. We have a large, covered verandah which enables children to play outside regardless of the weather and at any time during the day.

The children's independence is developed as they practice self-help skills such as recognition of their belongings, feeding, dressing and toileting.

Our main goal is to ensure that each child’s individual needs are met, encouraging friendships to grow and be nurtured and most importantly, just having fun!